Lehigh University's Summer Engineering Institute (SEI) is a chance for deserving high schoolers to experience the challenge and thrill of science, technology, engineering and math in a cooperative, team-based environment.

A key to SEI's success is the program's Staff. The Operations Director and Student Mentors shape the experience for the participating students serve as role models in their future pursuits.

Individuals are encouraged to apply for the following employment opportunities:

Student Mentor

As a SEI Student Mentor, you will interact more closely and spend more time with the student participants than anyone else associated with the program. You will be required to devote much time and energy to a variety of activities, from classes and labs during the day, to social activities and homework assistance at night. You will help to shepherd some of the most talented students of science and math through one of their most important periods of social, emotional and intellectual development. By the end of the program, you will not regret the investment of time that you have made.

Student mentors must have a solid academic record at any accredited university. Before completing an application, please review the full list of SEI Mentor responsibilities and expectations.

Operations Director

The Operations Director is a professional staff member within the Summer Engineering Institute office. Supervised by the Director, the Operations Director is responsible for the operation of a residence hall area during the program. Duties include: supervising the student mentors in their residence life duties; providing leadership for students and staff through programming and discipline; enforcing program, university and residence hall rules and regulations, coordinating in-program transportation, and acting as facilities manager for the residence area including overseeing maintenance and custodial concerns.

The Operations Director must have a bachelor's degree in higher education or any related discipline and at least 1-3 years of teaching and/or supervisory experience. Before completing an application, please review the full list of Operations Director responsibilities and expectations.