Bill Maloney ’80 has built a successful 30-year career in mining and specialty drilling.

In 2010, Maloney helped develop the plan that rescued the 33 trapped Chilean miners. That plan, which came to be known as Plan B, was one of three rescue attempts approved by the Chilean government. It used “down the hole hammers”—a heavy steel piston with a carbide and diamond-impregnated bit that vibrates up to 1,500 times a minute and turns as it pounds. That experience led Maloney to found the Mine Rescue Drilling Fund, which was established to provide critical assistance for mine rescues in the United States and abroad.

Maloney received his bachelor of science in industrial engineering and began a career in the drilling business in 1980 with water supply contractor Layne – New York Company.

From 1984 to 2006, Maloney was a co-founder and managed North American Drillers, North American Pump and Supply Co., and Shaft Drillers International (SDI) – the world’s leader in large diameter drilled shaft construction. While at the helm of SDI, Maloney helped guide the two-man startup to a firm billing $30 million annually with 150 employees. SDI succeeded in drilling shafts measuring up to 18’ in diameter for the mining and civil industries. During his tenure, Maloney actively pursued numerous mergers and acquisitions including the purchase of Zeni Drilling Pty Lt. (Australia) in 2001 and Zeni Drilling Company (USA) in 2002.

In 2006 he sold his share of the businesses to pursue other opportunities. That year, Maloney acquired 100 percent ownership of Cow Run Energy, LLC. The firm is presently using directional drilling and completion technology to develop shallow oil reserves under the Ohio River.

Maloney is an active member of the W.V. Coal Mining Institute, the Society of Mining Engineers, the W.V. Independent Oil & Gas Association, and the National Groundwater Association. W.V. Angel Network. He is also actively involved with the West Virginia Angel Network, providing needed financial support and guidance to entrepreneurial efforts to diversity West Virginia’s economy. In 2010, Maloney ran for Governor of West Virginia.

B.S. Industrial Engineering
Notable Achievement: 
Successful career in mining and specialty drilling.