David Wismer '59 began his career in 1962 as a process analyst with TRW Products Company. In 1966, following additional graduate studies, he became an Assistant and later Associate Professor of Systems Engineering at UCLA and head of the graduate program in Large Scale Systems. During a sabbatical year, he joined Systems Control, Inc as head of Industrial Control Systems.

Wismer founded Wismer Associates in 1973 and sold the business to SunGard Data Systems in 1986. SunGard specializes in Disaster Recovery and Financial Software Applications. Following SunGard's acquisition of several other investment software firms, Wismer served as CEO of SunGard Financial Systems from which he retired in 1996.

Wismer graduated from Lehigh in 1959 with a BA and in 1960 with a BS in mechanical engineering. He earned a MS in Instrumentation Engineering in 1962 from Case Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in Control Systems Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1966.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Notable Achievement: 
Former CEO of SunGard Financial Systems