George Kledaras '87 is a leader in developing financial software for instantaneous global trading anywhere, anytime, and most importantly, by everyone. He is the founder of two new technology companies: CecilRep and FIXML Flyer. He is also the author of numerous articles about electronic trading standards, and a frequent speaker on the major technology issues of our time.

Kledaras started CecilRep as the first technology company dedicated to automating post trade reporting by asset managers, brokers and custodians of all sizes to their institutional counterparties. Cecil was the turtle on Bugs Bunny who always beat him in a race. If that isn't enough excitement for one software inventor's life, Kledaras co-founded FIXML Flyer. The goal of this company, he said, is "to re-invent high-volume electronic trading and lower the support cost around FIX."

He is well known throughout the technology world as the founder, in 1996, of Javelin Technologies Inc. At Javelin, he was recognized as the leader in the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) industry, especially through his initiative in creating the first high-speed messaging FIX engine built entirely in Java.

Then, in 2000, he helped to ignite the world of high-speed global trading with Appia. Javelin was sold in 2002 to Nyfix, Inc. Kledaras received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, and an MS degree in Mathematics from the Courant Institute at New York University. He is currently an adjunct professor at Fordham University Graduate School of Business, lecturing on entrepreneurship.

A member of Lehigh University's Board of Trustees, he also serves a principal advisory role at Lehigh in helping the university develop new engineering, business and finance majors customized to the ever-changing worldwide demands for financial technology and software expertise. With his home and office in New York City, Kledaras says he lives and works in the "two greatest cities of the world, the East Side of New York and the West Side of New York."

While he never stops talking about the future of technology, he treasures the "early days" of the computer, so much so that he still has his first computer, the Atari 800 with its 48K of memory. To this day, he uses the machine, he says, and it is not for sale.

B.S. Electrical Engineering
Notable Achievement: 
Founder of CicilRep and FIXML Flyer tech companies