Jay Teich ’75 is founder, president and CEO of Seahorse Bioscience, which makes analytical instruments, biomanufacturing systems and consumable labware products for biological research and drug discovery. In 2000, Teich led a team of eight founders during the incorporation of Thermogenic Imaging. He acquired consumables manufacturers Innovative Microplate Inc. in 2004 and changed the company name to Seahorse Bioscience. In 2009 he acquired Bioprocessors Inc., the owners of the SimCell automated process development system.

Prior to forming Seahorse Bioscience, Teich led the growth, management buyout, and sale of Inframetrics Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of thermal imaging systems for industrial and law enforcement applications. He also served as Director of SSG Optronics Inc., which was sold to L3 Communications, and he was a private investor in a number of young, high-tech companies. In 1999 Mr. Teich negotiated the merger of Inframetrics with FLIR Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:FLIR) to form the world's largest supplier of commercial thermal imaging systems.

During his 25 year career, Teich has led engineering and marketing teams in the development and commercialization of a diverse range of electro-optical, ultrasound, and biochemical instruments for Honeywell, Damon Corporation, and Ciba Corning Diagnostics Inc. Teich received his BSEE from Lehigh and is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate in Engineering and Mathematics.

Jay Teich
B.S. Electrical Engineering
Notable Achievement: 
Founder, President, and CEO of Seahorse Bioscience