Kenneth Greenberg '58 is a successful longtime entrepreneur with a concentration on the promotion of environmental sustainability.

Greenberg is Director of Strategic Planning and currently a member of the board of directors at Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership, Inc. (GBMP). He boasts a career of over 30 years of leadership in new technology and business development across multiple industries.

Prior to joining GBMP in 2009, Greenberg served as CEO of Massachusetts-based Amino Acid Analogues (now RSP Amino Acids). RSP Amino Acides is a "fine chemicals company with core synthetic expertise in creating unique amino acid building blocks and scaffolds."As CEO, Greenberg collaborated with universities and external industry in the development of new amino acid analogs for development of new pharmaceuticals.

He also spent 15 years as CEO of Laser Science, Inc., which worked to develop new lasers for use in remote sensing and lights sources for new analytical instruments.

Greenberg's latest efforts have shifted to a commitment in the education and promotion of environmental sustainability from a more global perspective. His latest book, "Decision Time," explores the "critical need to sustain our environment and the benefits we all rely on. Investing in the needed technology and industry development is the focus of the book." Greenberg graduated from Lehigh University in 1958 with a BS in Chemical Engineering.

Kenneth Greenberg's latest book, "Decision Time," explores the need for environmental sustainability through the investment in needed technology and industry development.
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Notable Achievement: 
Director of Strategic Planning of Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership, Inc.