Robert Wei is professor emeritus in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Lehigh University.

Wei was appointed to the Lehigh faculty as associate professor in 1966 and became a professor in 1970. During his tenure at Lehigh he served as the acting chair for the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics from 1983-1984 and as chair of the department from 1990-1996.

Wei’s research focuses on fracture mechanics, including chemical, microstructural and mechanical considerations of stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement, fatigue and corrosion fatigue of structural materials, and on life-cycle engineering.

Wei, along with fellow mechanical engineering professors Fazil Erdogan and George Irwin helped launch Lehigh’s international reputation in fracture mechanics. Their research enabled countless new ways of improving the safety and effectiveness of airplanes, bridges, buildings and other complex engineering systems.

Throughout his career he has been the principal investigator in research projects sponsored by AISI, ALCAN, DARPA, DOE/BES, DOE/FE, DOT/OPSO, ONR, McDonnell Douglas, NASA, AFOSR, NSF and FAA.

Prior to joining Lehigh, Wei served as an associate research consultant for U.S. Steel Corporation from 1959-1966, and previously worked as an instructor and research at Princeton University and as a project engineer for Bakelite Company.

Wei received many honors and awards for his outstanding research from Lehigh University and numerous national and international societies and organizations.

Wei received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1953, 1954 and 1960, respectively.

Robert Wei
Notable Achievement: 
Chair of Lehigh's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Professor