S. Murray Rust was a member of the Lehigh University undergraduate class of 1934. He retired as chairman and director of The Rust Engineering Company, which is now part of The Washington Group. As a student, Rust was a mechanical engineer, participated in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and was a member of Pi Tau Sigma and Delta Phi. He maintained his ties with Lehigh, serving as president of the Lehigh Alumni Association, class president and emeritus trustee of the university.

Rust felt that the future of the country, its culture and civilization depends on our ability to pass on our knowledge, reasoning ability and values to the succeeding generation. To achieve this, he said that we need good schools and must see to it that all able (and some not so able) students attend them. This, he said, can only be achieved through scholarships and careful attention to the administration of our schools. For these reasons, Rust established the Rust Engineering Co. Scholarship, and served on the governing board of every school he attended and several others.

Date of Death: 
Tuesday, April 6, 2010
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Notable Achievement: 
Former chairman and director of The Rust Engineering Company