Shosuke Morino earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Lehigh in 1970 after receiving a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Engineering, both in architecture, from Kyoto University, Japan. In 1985 he returned to Kyoto University and earned his Dr. of Engineering in Architecture.

Dr. Morino is currently a Professor of Structural Engineering in the Department of Architecture, and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Mie University, Japan. Prior to joining the Mie University faculty in 1983 Morino also taught at Kyoto University in Japan, the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, and Kyushu University in Japan. From 1994 to 1996 Morino served as the director of the Mie University Cooperative Research Center and from 1998 to 1999 he sat on the University's Board of Trustees. Since then Morino has held the position of Dean. He was named Vice-President of the Mie University in 2004.

Dr. Morino is author and co-author of more than 100 technical papers in Japan and abroad. His essay, "Study on Elasto-Plastic Instability Behavior of Steel and Composite Steel-Concrete Members and Frames" received a prestigious award in 1996 from the Architectural Institute of Japan. Morino is a member of many engineering and architectural societies including the Architectural Institute of Japan and the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering. He is also the president of the Association for International Cooperation and Research in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures.

Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Notable Achievement: 
Dean of Faculty of Engineering, and Vice President of Mie University, Japan