Dr. Victor Levi Sasso, a native of Panama, was one of many international students who came to Lehigh to study Civil Engineering in the 1950's. During his eight years in the United States he earned a Masters Degree (1958) and a Ph.D. (1962), both in civil engineering. After completing his Ph.D., Levi returned to Panama to join the University of Panama's engineering faculty. Almost immediately after his arrival he was appointed Director of the Experimental Center of Engineering (CIS).

In 1969, one year after the University of Panama was temporarily closed by the military coup, Levi became Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. It was soon after this that Levi began making plans to break off from the politically charged University of Panama to create an independent engineering school. In 1981 he succeeded by founding The Technological University of Panama (UTP), an accredited engineering school which offers undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in engineering, science and technology. Although Levi passed away, UTP is still thriving as Panama's on of the best technological university.

Sunday, July 12, 1931
Date of Death: 
Wednesday, October 4, 1995
M.S., Ph.D. Civil Engineering