ChBE Seminar SeriesLehigh's Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering presents its Fall 2022 Seminar Series.

All seminars are scheduled on campus 9:30AM-10:30AM in the Rauch Business Center, Room 241 located at 621 Taylor St, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Light refreshments available at 9:20AM.

Attendance is required of all full-time ChBE graduate students, and are also open to visitors.

Date Speaker & Presentation Host

Michael S. Wong

Environmental Catalysis Principles for Upgrading Water via Nitrate Hydrogenation

Professors Steven McIntosh & Israel E. Wachs

Kane Jennings

Integrating Plant Proteins with Polymers and Electrodes to Explore Biohybrid Solar Energy Conversion

Professor Steven McIntosh

Lilian Hsiao

Microscale Friction of Soft Materials

Professor Kelly Schultz
Spring 2023

George Karniadakis

Professors Steven McIntosh & Srinivas Rangarajan


Rodney Priestley

Glass Transition and Dynamics of Nanoscopically Confined Polymer

Professors Steven McIntosh & Elsa Reichmanis

Umit Ozkon

Catalytic treatment of water contaminated with halogenated hydrocarbons

Professors Steven McIntosh & Israel E. Wachs

Eranda Nikolla


Embracing the Complexity of Heterogeneous Catalytic Structures: Non-stoichiometric Mixed Metal Oxides and 3-Dimentionally Engineered Metal Catalysts for Energy and Chemical Conversion
Professor Steven McIntosh

Jessica Schiffman

Engineering Bioinspired and “Greener” Polymer Materials

Professors Steven McIntosh & Elsa Reichmanis

Cameron Abrams

Molecular Dynamics Investigations of Thermosetting Polymers

Professors Steven McIntosh & Elsa Reichmanis