Below is a list of research areas conducted by our faculty, organized in clusters. We also have a list of research areas organized by faculty member. More details about the department's research can be found by exploring our faculty profiles, research group pages and department technical reports.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • Faculty: Chuah, Davison, HeflinMunoz-Avila, Saldaña, Trinkle
  • Our Research: AI game programming, case-based reasoning, data mining, intelligent agents, intelligent decision support systems, intelligent vehicle systems, knowledge representation, machine learning, multi-robot systems, ontologies, planning


  • Faculty: Chen, He, Lopresti
  • Our Research: biomedical image analysis, gene sequence comparison, structure-function relationships

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

  • Faculty: ChenLopresti
  • Our Research: biometric security, deformable object modeling, document image content extraction, image segmentation, image degradation modeling, image understanding systems, real-time image processing, functional site recognition

Databases and Information Systems

  • Faculty: Chuah, Davison, HeflinKorth, Lopresti
  • Our Research: database systems, data mining, electronic voting systems, information integration, information retrieval, language interoperation, main-memory database systems, programming languages, software engineering, web search, XML data management

Networking and Security

  • Faculty: Cheng, Chuah, Davison
  • Our Research: ad-hoc networks, content centric network, network infrastructure for the WWW, network management, network security, sensor networks, software security, ubiquitous and mobile computing

Machine Learning and Data Mining

  • Faculty: Chuah, Davison, He, Xie
  • Our Research: healthcare data mining, privacy design for healthcare data, web mining

Web Systems

  • Faculty: Davison, Heflin
  • Our Research: cognition-based web security protocols, semantic web, trust and authority analysis, web caching, web search