2020 Technical Reports

  • Incentive Mechanisms for Pavement Crowdsensing with a Platform-driven Greedy Algorithm
    Authors: Maximillian Machado, Ran Ran and Liang Cheng
    LU-CSE-20-001 (14 pages, 670.01 KB)

2019 Technical Reports

  • Explaining the Inferences on Large Graph Flexibly via Subgraph Search
    Authors: Chao Chen, Yifei Liu, Xi Zhang, and Sihong Xie
    LU-CSE-19-001 (13 pages, 1.1MB)
  • Towards Evaluating the Complexity of Sexual Assault Cases with Machine Learning
    Authors: Bruke Mammo, Praveer Narwelkar, Roshan Giyanani 
    LU-CSE-19-002 (25 pages, 1.06 MB)
  • A Survey of Real-Time Operating Systems
    Authors: Anthony Serino, Member, IEEE, Liang Cheng, Senior Member, IEEE
        LU-CSE-19-003 (8 pages, 237.37 KB)

2015 Technical Reports

  • On the Tightness of an Optimization-Based Delay Bounding Method for Packet-Oriented Networks under Blind Multiplexing
    Authors: Huan Yang and Liang Cheng
    LU-CSE-15-001 (23 pages, 364.23KB)

2014 Technical Reports

  • Optimizing MAP in Joint Multi-Relational Models for Recommendations in the Academic Network
    Authors: Zaihan Yang, Dawei Yin, Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-14-002 (21 pages, 241.16KB)
  • Residential Energy Data Analysis Using Green Button Data
    Author: Huan Yang
    LU-CSE-14-003 (48 pages, 1.53 MB)

2013 Technical Reports

  • Verified and Optimized Inlined Reference Monitors
    Author: Bin Zeng
    LU-CSE-13-001 (16 pages, 143.82KB)
  • Infrastructure for Efficient Exploration of Large Scale Linked Data via Contextual Tag Clouds
    Authors:Xingjian Zhang, Dezhao Song, Sambhawa Priya, Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-13-002 (19 pages, 423.34KB)
  • Practical Non-blocking Unordered Lists
    Authors: Kunlong Zhang, Yujiao Zhao, Yajun Yang, Tianjin University
    Yujie Liu, and Michael Spear, Lehigh University
    LU-CSE-13-003 (26 pages, 416.49KB)
  • Roy Bean Algorithm: Distributed Load Balancing for Fairness-Efficiency Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Authors: Xu Li, Liang Cheng, and Huan Yang
    LU-CSE-13-004 (12 pages, 307.74KB)
  • Verified and Optimized Inlined Reference Monitors -- A General Exam
    Author: Bin Zeng
    LU-CSE-13-005 (33 pages, 433.82KB)

2012 Technical Reports

  • Static Analysis on Binary Code
    Author: Bin Zeng
    LU-CSE-12-001 (19 pages, 274.38KB)

2011 Technical Reports

  • Mindicator: A Nonblocking Set Optimized for Querying the Minimum Value
    Authors: Yujie Liu and Michael Spear
    LU-CSE-11-001(30 pages, 193.25KB) 
  • Optimizing Hierarchical Classification Through Tree Evolution
    Authors: Xiaoguang Qi and Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-11-002 (25 pages, 514.47KB)
  • Sidewalk-level People Tracking with a Low-cost 3-D Lidar System
    Authors: Constantin Savtchenko and John R. Spletzer
    LU-CSE-11-003 (6 pages, 1.79MB)
  • A Lock-Free, Array-Based Priority Queue
    Authors: Yujie Liu and Michael Spear
    LU-CSE-11-004 (21 pages, 145.60 KB) 

List of 2010 Technical Reports

  • A Scalable Indexing Mechanism for Ontology-Based Information Integration
    Authors: Yingjie Li, Abir Qasem, Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-10-001 (8 pages, 269.69KB)
  • Query Optimization for Ontology-Based Information Integration
    Authors: Yingjie Lie and Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-10-002 (10 pages, 389.11KB)
  • Parameter Calibration for Synthesizing Realistic-Looking Variability in Offline Handwriting
    Authors: Wen Cheng and Daniel Lopresti
    LU-CSE-10-003 (11 pages, 1.80MB)
  • Domain-Independent Entity Coreference in RDF Graphs
    Authors: Dezhao Song and Jeff Heflin
    LU-CSE-10-004 (19 pages, 303.90KB)
  • Enhancing Taxonomies by Providing Many Paths
    Authors: Xiaoguang Qi, Dawei Yin, Zhenzhen Xue, Brian D. Davison
    LU-CSE-10-005 (17 pages, 625.94KB)