Virtual events for undergrads bring clarity to options for advanced study. Attend a session and receive an app fee waiver!

PhD student in labShould I go to grad school?

It’s one of those decisions in life when typing a question into Google just isn’t going to cut it. 

“Graduate school comes in many different ‘flavors.’ There are numerous and varied paths a student can take—and just as many reasons why the journey is right for some students and not others," says Sabrina Jedlicka, associate professor and associate dean of academic affairs in the Rossin College. "Making those decisions comes down to understanding the options available and determining how they match your interests."

To help STEM-minded students at Lehigh and elsewhere consider the possibilities of graduate studies in engineering, the Rossin College Office of Academic Affairs is hosting a number of virtual education sessions throughout Fall semester, aimed at making the entire process more transparent.

"You can certainly do research online, but we’ve found that walking students through the overall application process, as well as introducing them to Lehigh’s offerings, goes a long way in providing clarity," says Jedlicka. "Our goal is to equip our students to find the best fit, wherever that may take them."

To make the process even easier: All information session attendees will be eligible for application fee waivers. 

Use the registration links below to gain access to the following virtual events and contact the Rossin College Office of Academic Affairs with questions. [Note: Lehigh users, please use your address when registering.]

Picture yourself as a PhD: Exploring advanced paths for engineering study

Wednesday, October 5, 6-7pm Eastern

Host: Associate dean Sabrina Jedlicka

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The PhD degree is the most advanced degree one can earn, signifying one's mastery of a highly refined topical area. How do you know what research topic to pursue? How do you find the right program and faculty mentor? In this session targeted primarily at junior and senior in engineering majors, you'll get in-depth on the application process, including finding the right opportunities and recommenders, surviving the interview process, and evaluating offers and associated funding considerations.

Are you on the right career track? How a master's degree can help you get there

Tuesday, October 25, 6-7pm Eastern

Host: Associate dean Sabrina Jedlicka

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For many graduating seniors, a master's degree can be the ticket to a different career trajectory through the acquisition of advanced skills and knowledge, often via research. What is the difference between an MS and an M.Eng., and is it the same across disciplines? How can you best position yourself for success through the application process, and beyond? This session will help explain the benefits, process, and outcomes of engaging in master's studies in engineering.

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Graduate Student Spotlights

Zhiyu Chen

'Data science is my superpower'

CSE doctoral student Zhiyu Chen will apply the specialized skills he developed at Lehigh as part of Amazon’s Alexa Shopping team.

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Finding purpose in energy audits

Margaret Huettner

Assisting companies with their bottom line—and their carbon footprint—through Lehigh's Industrial Assessment Center motivated MechE student Margaret Huettner ’21 ’22G to earn her master's degree and begin her career in the energy sector. 

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Researching biomaterials to heal knee injuries

 Natasha Hunt

"I get excited by so many different aspects of research," says bioengineer Natasha Hunt ’22, who is continuing her work in The Chow Lab as a grad student. In this video, she discusses her research using "modular biomaterials" at the bone-cartilage interface. 

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