OutreachISE Research Initiative


Another part of our exciting program revolves around the OutreachISE Research Initiative, which aims to engage undergraduate students in research with ISE faculty and learn about the research process and opportunities in our field. This initiative is ground-breaking in that it involves students across a variety of disciplines working in research teams in different areas. Through this initiative, undergraduate students:


  • Learn what research is and how impactful it can be
  • Enhance their educational experience and build their resumes
  • Develop and practice skills relevant to future graduate studies and jobs
  • Make informed decisions about their career progression
  • Disseminate knowledge by presenting at conferences or writing technical papers


Groups of students in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of undergraduate studies in mathematics, computer science, industrial and systems engineering and other relevant fields engage in research projects under the guidance of an ISE Faculty Lead. Projects span three tracks: Applied ISE, Mathematics & Statistics in ISE, and Software & Computing in ISE.

A parallel Professional Development series provides students the opportunity to learn more about and prepare for research careers in academia and industry. We hold a series of seminars that engage the students in learning about and considering an academic and/or research path in our field, and we tackle topics from the very practical (how do you find and read ISE papers?) to the more abstract (how do you decide if you want to pursue grad school / research in ISE-related areas?).

The following projects have started during the Fall 2021 term:

To learn more about opportunities for research in ISE, please reach out. 



OutreachISE Contact
Program Director: Prof. Ana Alexandrescu (she/her)
Program Coordinator: Joyce Gabay
Email: outreachise@lehigh.edu
Phone: (610) 758 - 4050
Mailing Address:  Harold S. Mohler Laboratory, 200 West Packer Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18015-1582