For this academic year, graduate tuition for the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science is $1545 per credit. The M.Eng. program requires 30 credits to complete. Students who have taken graduate-level courses that do not count toward their undergraduate degree requirements are eligible to petition to transfer up to six (6) credits toward their M.Eng. degree.


Lehigh's Graduate Aid Coordinator, in the Office of Financial Aid,  is Ms. Tami Bauder.  Tami is available to assist you with any financial aid questions and concerns you may have. Her role as the Graduate Aid Coordinator is to work with graduate students seeking funding options for their education. Though the Office of Financial Aid only administers loan options, Tami will speak with graduate students about departmental and outside funding options as well.

Tami Bauder
Assistant Director: Graduate Aid
Telephone: (610) 758-3181