Healthcare Systems Engineering for the Working Professional

More and more working professionals in the healthcare industry are recognizing the value of earning a graduate degree in order to expand and enhance their skill sets and ultimately reach their next level of career advancement. Lehigh University’s Healthcare Systems Engineering professional master’s program offers an innovative and challenging curriculum that equips graduates with the technical knowledge and ability to analyze healthcare systems, identify inefficiencies and propose solutions to improve the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare. Employing individuals with such skills is invaluable to any healthcare organization.

Flexible Delivery, Flexible Pace

Online or On Campus … Or Both.

The HSE professional master’s program can be completed online, on campus, or a combination of the two. As a student in the program, you have the ability to choose the program delivery that best fits your schedule. For more details regarding the instructional platforms available, please see below.

Students enrolled in the HSE master’s program on a part-time basis typically require 2.5 years to complete the program. To accomplish this, students take one or two courses each semester (fall, spring, and summer). Given the uncertainties and complexities that come along with work and family demands, part-time students have the flexibility to tailor the program to their specific needs. Students are granted up to 5 years to complete a graduate degree.

Earn Your Degree ... Your Way!

The HSE professional master’s program allows you to earn your degree on your schedule. Here are the learning options:

Instructional Platforms

Classroom LIVE: Classroom LIVE is an integrated, web-based learning environment that delivers programs in real-time from classrooms on Lehigh's campus to students, in their homes, at their workplaces, or while traveling. Students interact with professors and other students during the class as it is taking place on campus. Click here for requirements for Classroom LIVE.

Classroom Online: Streaming video of courses is produced in our studio classrooms on-campus and made available for viewing on the web. This video can be viewed at any time, providing a high degree of flexibility for the student. Professors interact with students using email, discussion boards, web-conferencing, or telephone, as determined by the professor. Click here for requirements for Classroom Online.

On campus: Our traditional, in classroom delivery method.

Click here to learn more about distance education at Lehigh University.

HSE Testimonials

"I have really enjoyed the flexibility Lehigh University offers in their Healthcare Systems Engineering program. I have been able to pursue my Masters while working fulltime. The Professors are very accommodating for professionals who have a busy schedule in and out of work. There are also events throughout the year that I can attend to meet classmates, Professors, and Industry Advisors."

-Robert Rodgers, Sr. Improvement Advisor, Shepherd Center, Inc.

"The Lehigh HSE program has been a very fulfilling experience for me both personally and professionally. I have 12 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry and at first was skeptical of the value I would receive from the HSE program. The bottom line is that the Lehigh HSE Master's program has created professional opportunities that otherwise may not have been possible. The program provided me with the knowledge and tools to advance both my professional career development and provide expert systems engineering consultation for my clients to address their risk management needs. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the healthcare industry who are searching for opportunities for improving healthcare systems and patient outcomes using fundamental principles of systems engineering."

-Marc J. DeLuca, Associate Director, Clinical Consulting, ParagonRx