P.C. Rossin College of
Engineering and Applied Science
Graduate Degrees offered: M.Eng. in Structural Engineering

Masters of Engineering in Structural Engineering

Launched in 2008, the M.Eng. in Structural Engineering program is aimed at preparing students for careers in the professional practice of structural engineering.  The 10-month, 30-credit graduate program attracts students from all over the world and is enhanced by robust industry support.  Classes typically start in July and the students graduate in May.

The curriculum excels at balancing the theoretical with the practical, combining coursework with a group project focusing on the design of a real-world structure. Students graduate prepared to address the myriad performance, cost, and public welfare decisions involved in large-scale structural engineering projects.

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Structural Engineering (M.Eng.)


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lehigh University
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Phone: (610) 758-3530

Contact: Linda Wismer
M.Eng. Coordinator
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