Backing every M.Eng. class is the wise council of industry experts and faculty

Industry Advisory Council

The M.Eng. in structural engineering program is supported by an industry advisory council (IAC). Its members represent a broad spectrum of industry professionals, including structural engineers, forensic engineers, contractors, construction managers, fabricators, and software developers.

The IAC actively serves the program by:

  • Assisting with the selection of the group design project
  • Critiquing the group design project presentations
  • Mentoring students through the externship program and the individual project
  • Sharing technical expertise as guest speakers
  • Advising the professor of practice
  • Guiding the program to stay current with and relevant to industry needs
  • Supporting scholarships for students

Current and past members of the IAC include:





Companies interested in learning more about partnering opportunities with the M.Eng. in Structural Engineering Program should contact Jennifer Gross, M.Eng. Program Director.