The M.Eng. program year starts in July.

Sequence of Courses in the M.Eng. Program

Design Project I 3
Structural Behavior Laboratory 3
Design Project II 3
Mechanics and Behavior of Structural Members 3
Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective 3
Design Project III 3
Advanced Structural Analysis I 3
Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective 3


Selected Options for Technical Electives

Structural Engineering

  • Advanced Structural Dynamics
  • Advanced Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete
  • Advanced Finite Element Methods
  • Advanced Structural Concrete Design
  • Analysis and Design of Ductile Steel Structural Systems
  • Analysis and Design of Steel and Composite Structural Members
  • Analysis of Structures in Fire
  • Behavior and Design of Blast-resistant Structures
  • Behavior and Design of Earthquake-resistant Structures
  • Behavior and Design of Fire-exposed Structures
  • Bridge Systems Design
  • Building Systems Design
  • Condition Assessment of Existing Structures
  • Engineering of Advanced Earthquake Resistant Structure
  • Finite Element Method in Structural Engineering
  • Non-linear Analysis of Structural Components and Systems
  • Life-cycle of Structural Systems
  • Prestressed Concrete
  • Random Vibrations
  • Sensors, Signals, and Systems
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Structural Optimization
  • Structural Reliability of Components and Systems
  • Structural Safety and Risk 
Geotechnical Engineering
  • Advanced Foundation Engineering
  • Advanced Soil Mechanics
  • Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Behavior of Soils as Engineering Materials
  • Dynamic Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Experimental Geotechnical Engineering
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Designing with Geosynthetics
  • Geo-Environmental Engineering
  • Ground Improvement Engineering
  • Soil Dynamics

Construction Management

  • Advanced Project Management


Course Sequence Options

Options in Course Sequence

The majority of our students complete the M.Eng. in structural engineering program in 10 months. However, it is possible to complete the program over an extended time frame. The department offers this option for students who are attending Lehigh as a co-op student, students who are working while attending school part-time, or students who graduate in December and wish to begin the M.Eng. program in the spring.

The structure of the curriculum requires that students take the design project courses in sequence during the same academic year. Students are also advised to take both Structural Behavior Laboratory and Design Project I during the same summer.

Students considering the extended time frame option should contact professor of practice and program director Jennifer Gross for additional details.