Co-op Option

MEng students now have the option to complete the program over two years while working as a co-op at a local structural engineering company. Co-op students will take one class each summer and two classes each fall/spring semester while working 20 hours per week. Students in the co-op program will graduate in May of their second academic year.

Benefits of the co-op program include:

  • Earn money to defray tuition cost. Note that undergraduate student loads are deferred while attending school half-time.
  • Take knowledge from work experience to better understand class concepts and design projects
  • Take knowledge from class to better understand work assignments
  • Gain experience toward PE license
  • Network and gain contacts in industry

The MEng program will connect students to employers. An interview and selection process will occur to match students with employers. If interested in the co-op program, please contact Jodi Imler or Professor Gross and also indicate your interest on your application.