TE Part-Time Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate in Technical Entrepreneurship 

The Technical Entrepreneurship Certificate places you on the path to becoming your company’s innovator - one who thinks like an entrepreneur. It provides you with flexibility combined with a highly relevant curriculum that you can customize to suit your personal career goals and interests. Any combination of Skill Bulding and Process courses totaling 12 credits will complete the Technical Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate.

The key learning outcomes will provide students with the necessary skills to solve real-world problems in a unique and innovate way. This systematic approach fosters the entrepreneurial mindset within companies which will have an immediate impact for practicing engineers, managers, and research scientists. Upon completion of the Technical Entrepreneurship Certificate, you will find yourself well-positioned to take on complex product development innovation and leadership roles in both large and small companies.

Technical Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate (12 credits)
Choose a total of 12 credits (in any order) from the following experiential-learning based courses taught by industry-embedded engineering faculty.

Summer Session II (6 weeks; July-August)

E 301: Creativity and Systematic Innovation Methods
Mon & Tue: 10am-noon & 2pm-4pm
3 cr
TE 407: Intellectual Property Creation and Management (2)
[PLUS] TE 400: Technical Entrepreneurship (1)
Wed & Thur: 10am-noon & 2pm-4pm
2 cr
1 cr

Fall Semester (August - December)

TE 303: Methods in Prototyping, Modeling and Testing
Mon: 10:45am-noon & 1:35pm-2:50pm
3 cr
TE 401: Integrated Product Development (IPD) Process - 1
Tues: 10:45am-1:25pm
3 cr
TE 403: Entrepreneurial Startup Process - 1
Wed: 10:45am-noon & 1:35pm-2:50pm
3 cr

Spring Semester (January - May)

TE 402: Integrated Product Development (IPD) Process - 2
Mon: 10:45am-1:25pm
3 cr
TE 404: Entrepreneurial Startup Process - 1
Tue: 10:45am-noon & 1:35pm-2:50pm
3 cr
*all classes in-person at the Wilbur Powerhouse
*no pre-reqs for any course