The Graduate Certificate in Data Science program provides students with an introduction to the basic concepts and tools in data science.

Individuals completing this program will be better positioned to understand and explore the application of data scientific concepts and methodologies in a variety of domains, or pursue more advanced training in Data Science or a field that requires a data scientific skillset.

Upon completion of the certificate program, students can further enhance their knowledge and skills in the field by applying to the Master of Science in Data Science degree program and applying the 12 certificate credits towards the 30-credit Masters degree.

Required Courses

Four courses (12 credits) are required in total for the certificate. Select two of the following 300-level fundamentals of data science courses (3 credits each):

DSCI 310 - Introduction to Data Science 3
DSCI 311 - Optimization and Mathematical Foundations for Data Science 3
DSCI 321 - Algorithms and Software Foundations for Data Science 3


The remaining two courses are at the 400-level.  Select one or two of the following 400-level core data science courses (3 credits each), and at most one course from a list of approved alternatives (also at the 400 level).  Note that DSCI 431 and ECE 414 cannot both be chosen.

DSCI 411 - Data Management for Big Data 3
DSCI 421 - Accelerated Computing for Machine Learning 3
DSCI 431 - Introduction to Statistical Modeling 3
DSCI 441 - Statistical and Machine Learning 3
DSCI 451 - Ethics in Data Science 3

Approved alternative courses include:

CSE 447    - Data Mining 3
ECE 414    - Machine Learning and Statistical Decision Making 3
ECE 440    - Introduction to Online and Reinforcement Learning 3
ISE 409    - Time Series Analysis 3
ISE 410    - Design of Experiments 3
ISE 444    - Optimization Methods in Machine Learning 3
ISE 467 - Mining of Large Datasets 3
STAT 439 - Time Series and Forecasting 3

​Generally, the 400-level courses will have prerequisites such that the 300-level courses are taken first, but there is no prescribed order for the courses.

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