From cybersecurity to health and healthcare, from marketing analytics to risk analysis, computing and data science are pervasive. They are transforming discovery and innovation in our economy, our society, our culture, our habits—and how we best prepare students for the future.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field in which a host of mathematical and computational techniques are used to extract information from data, and subsequently used to make informed decisions. Career opportunities are vast and growing everyday in this exciting, applied field of study.

Lehigh's Master's of Science in Data Science is a program designed for students and working professionals who are interested in gaining new skills in data science. The program is interdisciplinary and flexible. It leverages expertise across multiple departments in the Rossin College, and spans interest areas across Lehigh's College of Arts & Sciences, its College of Health, its College of Business, and its College of Education. Students of the program engage in opportunities to learn methods and approaches in data science and in project-based work that applies that learning to the student's field of interest.

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