Chemical Engineering by the numbers

  • $75,000 - median annual starting salary
  • 91% - graduates employed or continuing education
  • $4.97M - median expected lifetime earnings
  • #1 - paying college major after graduation

*Data sources: LU first destination report by major 2021, Federal Reserve Bank of NY 2023, The Washington Post 2022

Chemical engineers who graduate from Lehigh go on to play important roles in the chemical process industry in areas such as research, development, design, plant construction, plant operation and management, corporate planning, technical sales and market analysis. They convert raw materials into a variety of products and work in industries that specialize in petroleum and petrochemicals, rubbers and polymers, metals, industrial and fine chemicals and industrial gases. They take the small-scale work of the chemist and apply it to large-scale processes and products.

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Undergraduate students in Unit Ops Laboratory

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The 4+1 Bachelor’s to Master’s Accelerated Programs allow eligible undergraduates to leverage up to 12 credits taken during undergraduate studies toward a master’s degree. Often, students can complete the credits for a master’s in one additional year of study at Lehigh beyond their four-year degree. | LEARN MORE >>

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