Each student has a story with one common denominator, Chemical Engineering

Larissa Rossini '26 & Isabella Richards '26

Dare to Lead at GE

Two of the fourteen elite conference invitations were given to undergraduate students from Lehigh ChBE - Larissa de Assis Rossini '26 and Isabella Richards '26.


Katie Atherton ’25

Finding a research interest that gels

Working in a biomaterials lab, with support from a Clare Boothe Luce Research Scholarship, helped chemical engineering major Katie Atherton ’25 make connections and get a jump start on her career path.


Keyri Sorto '25

Empowering the next generation of female scientists

Keyri Sorto '25 attended a company STEM outreach event and knew she was on the right path.


Molly Landers ’25 & Sarah Nebbia ’24

Luck of Ireland

Molly Landers ’25 and Sarah Nebbia ’24 found a new appreciation for stepping outside their comfort zones.

Doug Hardy '24

Saluting one of ChBE's own

After finishing his time in the service, Doug Hardy '24, was drawn to the chemical engineering field.


Josie Krepps ’24

Getting a taste of food science research

As part of a team working on lab-cultured meat, Clare Boothe Luce Research Scholar, Josie Krepps ’24, adds cell culture to her menu of experience.

Grace Ingabire Kuzwa ’23

Mixing business with chemical engineering

Grace Ingabire Kuzwa ’23 plans on using her dual major to fight climate change.

Eva Wolfe ’23

Renewable energy research strikes a chord

Over her four years at Lehigh, Eva Wolfe ’23 developed her skills as a both musician and a chemical engineer. Her experiences as an undergraduate researcher led to her next act: graduate school.


Wes Patel ’23

Undergraduate research reroutes career path
While chemical engineer, Wes Patel ’23 once aspired to medical school, research experiences and faculty mentoring opened his eyes to the possibilities of a PhD.