Lab monitors:

The CSE department operates two instructional labs in Packard Lab that are open six days per week during the fall and spring terms.  We hire lab monitors to work in the labs.  Judging by results, we think this might be the best job on campus. About 95% of people who start this job as freshmen or sophomores continue working until graduation.  To find out why they do this and how to sign up, visit

Junior systems administrators:

The CSE department operates its own computer systems and network.  We hire junior systems administrators to help operate and maintain every facet of our operations.  About 98% of our departmental-level systems run some flavor of Unix or Linux.  If you are adept with computers and have more than passing interest in working in a academic production environment, we would be happy to chat about this job.  This is a small crew of students; typically we hire one student each year.  This is a work-study only position.  The pay is good but not great; if you just want to earn your money, we recommend that you consider the lab monitor position.  Interested people should contact the CSE systems manager.

Advanced Programmers:

Interested in expanding your programming skills to develop useful apps for students and faculty? If so, this job is for you! Seeking employees pursuing a computer-related degree to work with other students and faculty on developing various programs and software utilities. Employees will also continue, expand, and maintain the applications previously created (extremely valuable skills to have).

Success in CS Developer and Content Creators:

The Success in CS CourseSite page is the "go to" site for learning how to navigate the CS/CSB curriculum, getting the advice you need to manage the challenges of the program, learning new technologies, discovering the available computing resources, and connecting with other CS/CSB students. The site is available for use by over 1000 students across campus! Employees will curate new content, program the site to improve the user experience and its accessibility, and gamify the site to encourage even broader usage.

Marketing Specialists:

If you want to put your marketing skills into action, come work with the Computer Science and Engineering department to leverage social media to build community, increase brand awareness, and expand use of digital resources. Activities would include assessing which media form/outlet is best for each objective, developing a plan to create, expand, and generate/refresh content, create content, and incentivize/assess use. Creativity required. Open to all majors.

Content Writers/Social Media Specialists:

As a Content Writer & Social Media Specialist, you will be responsible for crafting compelling and engaging content for the Computer Science & Engineering department's newsletters and social media accounts. Your creativity, strong writing skills, and ability to understand our target audience will be essential in creating content that resonates with our alumni, current and prospective students, and various stakeholders. You will produce high-quality and original articles for our newsletters and engaging posts for our social media outlets. Open to all majors.

Students may learn more about these positions and apply online via Handshake, Lehigh's internship and work-study platform.