The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers undergraduate and graduate programs of study along with supporting research for students interested in the field of computer science.

Lehigh University offers a bachelor of science degree from the College of Engineering and Applied Science in computer engineering and in computer science. It offers the bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degree with a major in computer science from the College of Arts and Science. In addition, the University offers a bachelor of science degree in computer science and business jointly from the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the College of Business and Economics. All of the bachelor of science degrees above are accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, For more information visit our accreditation page.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department awards advanced placement (AP) credit to entering first-year students who demonstrate proficiency in the subject areas of introductory courses. First-year students can earn AP credit by receiving qualifying scores. First-year students may also be eligible for credit by examination.

CSE Graduate study leads to the degrees master of science and doctor of philosophy in computer science.

Lehigh's programs exploit the growing interrelationship between computer science and a variety of disciplines. For example, a new development in autonomous intelligent robotic systems requires expertise in computer science, computer and electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.