The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers rigorous doctoral and masters degree programs.  These programs integrate theory and practice, while bringing recent research results into the classroom and preparing graduates for a lifetime of professional growth throughout their careers.

Masters programs are focused on courses designed for students interested in computing and technology industries.  They combine a strong background in core techniques with hands-on project-oriented experiences found in many of our courses. 

The Ph.D. program prepares students for research careers in computer science, integrating coursework with original research, as evidenced by a written thesis and a public oral defense of that thesis.

Computer Science Ph.D. degree requirements

Computer Science M.S. degree requirements

Computer Science M. Eng. degree requirements

For further information, please contact our graduate program coordinator or the directors of these programs:

For information on degrees in Computer Engineering, which are administered by the ECE Department, click here.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers a vibrant graduate student experience.  A listing of our current doctoral students is here.  Further information can be found at the Graduate Student Life Office.