Among the Program's course requirements is ESE 460, The Energy Systems Engineering Project. This course and the research it entails, is a hallmark of Lehigh's Energy Systems Program.

The project constitutes 3 or 6 credits, depending on the complexity of the student's research topic. The project is a collaborative and intensive study in an area of energy systems engineering, with emphasis on direct industrial application.

The following list describes some of the student research projects within ESE:


•  Combined Cycle Power Plant Operations Cost Modeling Project
•  Cost Estimates for Retrofit of Once Through Cooling Systems to Closed-Cycle Cooling Systems for Power Plants
•  Biomass Cofiring and Its Effect on the Combustion Process
•  Passive Anaerobic Digestion System: Backend Integration and Sustainability Implications
•  Anaerobic Digestion for the Production of Biogas
•  Thermal Integration of Compressors in Post-Combustion Carbon Capture and Storage
•  The Future of U.S. Nuclear Power Generation


•  Smart Grid Data Collection
•  Aluminum gallium nitride Field-Effect Transistor with Normally Off Operations
•  Achieving the Renewable Portfolio Standard in the Mid-Atlantic States
•  Fiber-based Communications


•  Analysis of Chemical Treatment in Heterogeneous Soils
•  Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures in Nuclear Power Generation Facilities
•  Methods to Reduce the Bioaccessibility of Arsenic in Soils; Interactions of Arsenic-contaminated Fill Material at Substations
•  Water Demands and Availability for Power Generation: Assessing Water Sustainability Options
•  Remediation of PCBs by use of Engineered Natural Systems Technology