MEM faculty members have been elected fellows in the ASME, AIAA, APS, Royal Aeronautical Society, ITER and SAE.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Carlos Romero

Year: 2022

Citation: Dr. Carlos E. Romero is a Principal Research Scientist and the Director of the Energy Research Center (ERC) at Lehigh University. He has over thirty years of experience in power generation research, energy systems, clean fuel utilization, and environmental science. Dr. Romero is a recognized expert in the power generation industry and in the energy research community. Dr. Romero has written more than 390 journal publications, book chapters, conference papers, technical reports, and patents. He has engaged in international collaboration and has participated as principal investigator (PI) in research projects in North America, Europe and Asia.


John C. Coulter

Year: 2021

Citation: Dr. Coulter has made outstanding contributions in engineering research, education, and leadership. As a researcher he has been an international materials processing and manufacturing leader for decades, with much of his work disseminated via ASME related conferences and journals that he at times helped to lead and/or organize. He has simultaneously mentored over 25 doctoral students, nearly 100 masters degree recipients, and helped to educate thousands of undergraduate engineering students. Lehigh’s College of Engineering has benefited from his leadership for nearly 20 years, and he serves as a twice-elected national Director of the ASEE Engineering Research Council.



Arindam Banerjee

Year: 2021

Citation: Dr. Banerjee has developed an impressive research program by using experimental techniques to study fluids dynamics, and the complex interactions with turbulence, mixing, instabilities and the associated mechanisms. He has strategically applied fundamental research to novel concepts like marine hydrokinetic energy systems, and targeted areas that have received national attention as evidenced by his funding that has exceeded $16 M. Dr. Banerjee has served the ASME profession co-organizing tracks and sessions at various conferences, serving as associate editor for the Journal of Fluids Engineering, and by contributing to other engineering societies in leadership roles.



D. Gary Harlow

Year: 2018

Citation: For seminal contributions to engineering probability and statistics modeling having major importance for the strength of composite materials, corrosion fatigue in aging aircraft, accelerated insertion of materials, and open manufacturing, and for leadership in education as a department chair while mentoring faculty and students, for award-winning teaching,  and for guiding varsity athletes to a high level of accomplishment in a rigorous mechanical engineering curriculum.




Yaling Liu

Year: 2017

Citation: Dr. Liu has made significant contribution in fluid structure interaction problems and its biomedical applications. He is a renowned scholar and educator. He developed computational models of cell/particle transport and adhesion dynamics in vascular flow, and microfluidic devices to evaluate nanomedicine targeted delivery and capture of circulating tumor cells for early cancer diagnosis. His work discovered unique shear rate and geometry dependent particle transport and binding in blood flow, and provide guidance on drug carrier design for efficient delivery. He has received numerous research awards and instructed many undergraduates and graduate students.



Donald Rockwell

Year: 2017

Citation: For outstanding leadership and research contributions in the field of fluid- structure interactions, for excellence in student and  faculty mentoring and for improving engineering education through the development and implementation of new and innovative academic programs.





Arturs Kalnins

Year: 2007

Citation: An internationally known authority on plasticity and limit analysis of pressure vessels. He has developed design by analysis tools for pressure vessel designs. He has developed and taught graduate courses on Plates and Shells and the theory of stability since 1960 at Yale and Lehigh Universities. Kalnins has written over 100 technical papers and three WRC bulletins on pressure vessel technology. He has developed the KSHEL computer programs for analysis of thin shells of revolution for static loading, including metal plasticity, free vibration, buckling and creep. As a member of the Subgroup on Design Analysis of ASME G&PV Committee, Prof. Kalnins has provided substantial contributions in the advancement of ASME Section VI II , Div. 1 and Div. 2 Codes.



Herman Nied

Year: 2005

Citation: Dr. Nied has made significant contributions developing computational tools for the solution of complex manufacturing problems, including welding simulation, semiconductor packaging, plastic processing, interface fracture, and thermal shock behavior. During 13 years at GE's R&D Center, he made innovative contributions to modeling, analysis and development of experimental methodologies involving large deformation characterization of polymers, blow molding and thermoforming of thermoplastics, glass/metal seals for lighting applications, and computational fracture mechanics. While developing new industrial forming processes, he was awarded 13 US and European patents. At Lehigh University, Dr. Nied has developed  advanced computational methods for failure analysis, and the design of semiconductor and optoelectronic packages.



Fazil Erdogan

Year: 1986

Citation: Not available (ASME has no records of citations prior to 1990)






American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Donald Rockwell

Year: 2020

Citation: For breakthrough insight into unsteady aerodynamic flows and structural interactions using novel experimental approaches and advanced image processing, and for technical leadership and educational achievements.





American Physical Society (APS)

Philip Blythe

Year: 1995

Citation: For consistent work of outstanding originality in fluid mechanics and chemically reacting flows. Specifically for seminal contributions to non-equilibrium nozzle flows, shock and detonation processes and buoyancy driven motions.





Donald Rockwell

Year: 1993

Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of vortex flows and their interaction with structures.





International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)

Eugenio Schuster

Year: 2018

Citation: ITER (initially the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, meaning "the way" or "the path" in Latin), one of the most ambitious energy projects in history and the largest tokamak ever built, will be the first nuclear-fusion device to produce net energy. ITER Scientist Fellows are drawn from leading researchers who have achieved international recognition for their contributions to nuclear-fusion research and are playing outstanding, active roles in the nuclear-fusion community. As a fellow in Plasma Control, Prof. Schuster actively supports the ITER Project and, in particular, the ITER Organization Central Team (IO-CT) through contributions to the development of Plasma Control on ITER.



National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

Fazil Erdogan


Election Year: 1997 (Primary Section: Mechanical Engineering; Secondary Session: Materials)


Citation: For contributions to fracture mechanics. (Link)



Royal Aeronautical Society

Donald Rockwell 

Year: 2016

Citation: Not available




Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Patrick Farrell

Year: 2003

Citation: For fundamental contributions to understanding of combustion and laser-based diagnostics in IC engines.