The Cornelius Prize: Awarded to the senior Mechanical Engineering student who is judged to have profited most by opportunities at Lehigh. The award is based on 70% scholarship, 20% on attainment in general culture, and 10% on development in personality. (Certificate plus cash award).
Georgia M. Burlingame
The Andrew Wilson Knecht III Memorial Award: For the graduating senior who has exhibited the greatest potential for applying technical training to practical application. (Medallion plus cash award)
Thomas M. Bryan
The Alan H. Stenning Award: For excellence in an undergraduate engineering project. (Certificate + cash award).
Susan H. Cheng
Project Title: Plastech Ventures
The Ferdinand P. Beer Award: For excellence in the field of Mechanics. (Plaque + cash award)
Briana D. Boulton
The Thomas E. Jackson Award: For contributions to the development and/or use of the Thomas E. Jackson Engine Testing Laboratory (Plaque + cash award)
Joseph J. Heffernan
Wei Award:
Daniel J. Simon
Daniel A. Grumbles