Lehigh's engineering students are active in a wide range of activities, from professional associations to the arts.

Organizations in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics include:

The Aerospace Club at Lehigh University is a student run organization devoted to giving undergraduate students hands on experience in aerodynamics research and aircraft design. Past and current student projects have included the design and construction of remote controlled aircraft, the design and construction of a future spacecraft concept, and wind tunnel testing of airfoils and airplanes. Members are free to join existing projects or pursue their own ideas. The Aerospace Club has access to its own lab with a student operated wind tunnel, as well as Packard Lab’s student machine shop, a CNC mill and a water jet cutter. New members are always welcome and no experience is necessary.

Lehigh's student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), chartered in 2014, is comprised of a mix of graduate and undergraduate students from a range of majors and disciplines. One thing all members share, however, is a passion for aerospace engineering, aviation, and the space industry. Lehigh AIAA is committed to fostering and cultivating an interest in the aerospace sciences on Lehigh's campus and beyond through informative, educational, and enjoyable events and professional networking opportunities.

Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, today ASME International is a nonprofit educational and technical organization serving a worldwide membership of 125,000. The work of the Society is performed by its member-elected Board of Governors and through its five Councils, 44 Boards and hundreds of Committees in 13 regions throughout the world. There are a combined 400 sections and student sections serving ASME's worldwide membership.

The Lehigh Formula SAE team is an undergraduate engineering club composed of approximately 30 engineering and business students with an interest in the motorsports and related industries. Each year the team designs, manufactures, and races a unique single seat racecar in the Society of Automotive Engineers collegiate design competition. The FSAE competition allows students to experience the complete progression of a product, from initial concept to manufacture and assembly. Our experience in developing the prototype race vehicle educates students in the application of engineering principles, the impacts of business decisions, and establishing supplier relationships. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and suppliers, the Lehigh University community has the unique opportunity to witness the full capabilities that the engineering and science fields offer. For further information, please visit the Formula SAE Team on Instagram and Facebook.

The Baja SAE Competition originated at the University of South Carolina in 1976 under the supervision of Dr. J.F. Stevens. SAE International sponsors three Mini Baja competitions each year held around the country. The object of the competition is to simulate real-world engineering design projects. Each team competes for acceptance of their design by a fictitious manufacturing firm. Students work together to design, build, test, promote and race a vehicle within the limits of the rules. The teams are responsible for raising funds to pay for the raw materials, component parts, tools, and any other expenses of production and competitions.

Lehigh Formula SAE