Concentration Areas

Engineering Mathematics


Fluid-Structure Coupling


Aerospace and Biological Applications


Conceptual Design and Manufacturing of Composite Materials

Mechanical Systems


Control Systems


Robotics and Autonomous Systems


Nuclear-Fusion Plasma Control

Solid Mechanics


Mechanics for Optimized Design




Molecular Mechanics and Fundamental Mechanisms of Stress Generation



Bio-Inspired Flows


Biomedical Flows


Renewable Energy


Fundamental Flows

Featured Projects

Theses and Dissertations

Here are links to recent works completed by masters students on the MS Thesis Track and doctoral students in mechanical engineering.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics has state-of-the-art facilities used for both research and teaching. Equipment in the various laboratories is continuously updated to expose our students to the newest technologies and illustrate the most important concepts in mechanical engineering.

Some of the facilities include an engine testing lab, a wind tunnel, water channels, computer labs, manufacturing and machining facilities, and much more.  All students are encouraged to gain hands on experience in the shops and labs. Several of the courses available to the undergraduate students have curriculums that include the use of the computer labs, the manufacturing and machining facilities, the wind tunnel, and other equipment.

Arrangements can be made to tour a specific laboratory facility by contacting the faculty member designated in the appropriate laboratory web page or simply stopping by the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Department Offices in Packard Laboratory.