Interdisciplinary Automatic Controls Laboratory Packard Laboratory 378) is unique in that it is a mechanical engineering laboratory which is employed for joint instruction of students from the electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering programs. The laboratory consists of twelve experimental stations drawn from process controls, servomechanisms, and power conversion.

Six basic experiments require:
  • Design and implementation of single-loop feedback controllers for the regulation of speed, level and generated voltage.
Six advanced experiments require:
  • Identification of multivariable, nonlinear, unstable or discrete systems
  • The design and implementation of feedback controllers to meet performance specifications.
Among the unusual facilities in the laboratory are:
  • Hydraulically powered servomechanism
  • Interacting temperature and level system
  • Programmed logic controller for a pick-and-place experiment
  • Open-loop unstable thermal reactor

Room: Packard 378

Faculty Contact: Eugenio Schuster (eus204@lehigh.edu)

Associated Course: ME 389

Interdisciplinary Automatic Controls Laboratory