Lehigh University Composites Lab has an excellent suit of equipment for design, analysis, optimization, manufacturing and testing of composite structures. There are a large number of workstations with computer aided design (CAD), finite element (FE), and structural optimization software. However, the heart of the lab is the manufacturing and experimentation equipment:

  • For composites manufacturing there is a very large 5-axis CNC router (located on Mountaintop Campus), a CNC abrasive waterjet cutter, a large precision leveled vacuum infusion table, three smaller infusion tables, 12 vacuum pumps, a prepreg curing oven, hand lamination tables, and all necessary tools. There is also a complete "boat lab" for manufacturing of manned experimental boats.
  • For experimental testing the lab is equipped with most of the standard ASTM test fixtures for composites testing, an Instron test frame, a large drop weight impactor for impacting ship hull bottom panels, a vibration identification system for measuring composite stiffnesses, an environmental chamber, ultrasonic NDT equipment, signal conditioners for strain gages etc, and a large number of specialty fixtures for various structural tests.
  • Larger tests, such as the static sagging and hogging tests of a 6 meter steel/composite hybrid ship hull (designed and built inhouse), or the fatigue test of a 16 ton hybrid beam, are often coordinated with Lehigh's ATLSS center.
  • The lab further has a manned fully aerobatic single seat aircraft for flight research, an offshore two-seat catamaran raceboat for naval research, and a large number of remote control boats. At present a two-seat 9 meter high speed steel/composite hybrid boat is being built for slamming research.

Rooms: Packard 165, 167 & 169

Faculty Contact: Joachim Grenestedt (jog5@lehigh.edu)

Staff Contact: Bill Maroun (wjm2@lehigh.edu)

Composites Laboratory