Lehigh's Tom Jackson Engines Lab currently supports undergraduate education that includes Junior and Senior lab courses as well as a rotating and reciprocating engine elective for both undergraduate and graduate students. The lab currently relies on Superflow and Go Power dynamometers for engine control and combination of Superflow and LabView data acquisition. Students can operate engines remotely in our control room and take measurements on a:

  • 4-cylinder, 4 stroke, spark ignited passenger car engine 

  • 8-cylinder, 4 stroke, spark ignited twin turbocharged and intercooled V8 engine with user programmable engine management system

  • 1-cylinder, 4 stroke, compression ignition diesel engine

Lab activities also include Formula SAE engine testing and development. 

Room: Packard 166

Staff Contact: Dick Towne (ret0@lehigh.edu)

Associated Courses: ME 121, ME 207, ME 208

Thomas E. Jackson Engine Testing Laboratory