The first laboratory course (ME 21) exposes students to the measurement of primary variables (length, volume, acceleration, mass, time, temperature, pressure, stress, etc.). This laboratory is equipped with a series of simple, but effective and well-directed, experiments that illustrate the use and application of basic instrumentation for measurement and analysis of mechanical systems. Students are guided through these laboratory exercises by a set of precise instructions for data acquisition and analysis. During this initial laboratory, the students are introduced to the use of LabView digital data acquisition programs and given basic training that allows them to develop and apply simple LabView virtual instruments using G language.

The second laboratory course (ME 121) is dedicated to the application of basic engineering principles and the use of instrumentation that apply to energy systems, such as flow measurement, energy balances, pipe flows, refrigeration, and a simple Diesel engine.

The facilities in this laboratory include:
  • Water flow apparatus for pipe flow and orifice flow meter experiments
  • Ducted airflow system
  • Instrumented Diesel engine
  • Steam flow system
  • Window air-conditioner
  • Humidity measurement system

Again, LabView data acquisition is employed for data collection, as appropriate.

Rooms: Packard 275

Faculty Contact: David Angstadt (dca287@lehigh.edu)

Staff Contact: Naazer Ashraf (naazer@lehigh.edu)

Associated Courses: ME 21, ME 121

Instrumentation Laboratory