The Dravo student shop is used mainly for Junior/Senior level design projects, but has also recently been used for Freshmen design projects. Equipment available for the students use includes:

  • Three axis Bridgeport CNC mill with Pentium II controller
  • 2 Bridgeport manual vertical mills
  • TOS horizontal mill
  • Millrite manual vertical mill
  • Logan manual lathe
  • Hardinge manual lathe
  • Roll-In bandsaw
  • Powermatic bandsaw
  • Two chop saws
  • Delta sanding station
  • Assorted power tools and hand tools

All student work is done under the supervision of the Dravo shop technician. Currently, the Dravo student shop is being enhanced by the addition of even more manufacturing equipment and improved assembly areas.

Rooms: Packard 271 & 273

Faculty Contact: David Angstadt (dca287@lehigh.edu)

Staff Contact: Eli Towne (ect2@lehigh.edu)

Associated Courses: ME 240

Dravo Student Machine Shop