This technical elective laboratory is managed by Professor Meng-Sang Chew, and consists of five stations for training mechanical engineers in the art and design of mechatronic systems (combined mechanical actuator/electronic sensing-control systems). The laboratory setup is one that draws on a studio concept, whereby mechatronic systems are created to address a functional goal that is mutually agreed to by the students and the instructor. This approach contrasts with a traditional laboratory setup in which students are presented with an existing experimental apparatus from which to measure and analyze experimental results. To achieve this studio approach, students are permitted relatively free access to the laboratory so that they may try out different scenarios in developing and assessing their systems.

Five studio stations, with the associated electronics equipment, supplies and electro-mechanical devices are available. Computer control capabilities and associated software are also available at each station to allow system development based on computer interfacing with external devices. To achieve high-level computer control, one station has been equipped with dSpace, a software-hardware package that interfaces with Matlab and Simulink (from MathWorks) for rapid development of real-time control of complex electro-mechanical systems.

Rooms: Packard 373

Faculty Contact: Meng-Sang Chew (mc0p@lehigh.edu)

Associated Courses: ME 374

Mechatronics Laboratory