PhD Dissertations

Spring 2021

Abdulaziz Alasiri -  Computational Study of Seawater Desalination Using Hollow Fiber Vacuum Membrane Distillation.

Weizhou Zhou - Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Wetting Phenomena for Nanoparticle Suspension Droplets

Fall 2020

Joydeep Munshi - Organic Photovoltaics: Processing Driven Morphology and Properties of Bulk Heterojunction Thin Films

Melike Kurt - 

Spring 2020

Umar Alqsair - Sweeping Gas Membrane Distillation for Desalination – Performance Characteristics

Mohamed Amer - Experimental Study of High-Speed Boats with Suspended Flaps for Reducing the Slamming Forces

Chuqiao Dong - Multiscale Simulation Studies for Mechanical Properties of Biological Proteins

Fall 2019

Ahmed Al-Barban - Post Buckling Behavior in MEMS Devices

Ismail Soner Cinoglu - On the Cyclic Inelastic Behavior and Shakedown-Based Design of Metallic Materials and Structures: Analysis and Experiments

Aaron Ewoniuk - Integration Of Infrared Communications And Design For Modular Robotic Systems (mrs)

Brian Frymyer - Thermal Modeling of Mixed Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces

Yaser Ghaedsharaf - Performance Analysis and Design of Consensus Dynamics in the Presence of Time-delay

Xiu Jia -The Design of Tribological Composites for Multifunctional Applications: Model Development and Topology Optimization

Seyyedhossein Mousavi - Problems in Control, Estimation, and Learning in Complex Robotic Systems

Rinosh Polavarapu - On Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Experiments in Accelerated Elastic-Plastic Slabs

Nasser Vahedi - Packed Bed Reactor Design For High Temperature Thermochemical Energy Storage Using Metal Oxide Redox Reaction

Ashwin Vinod - On the Performance and Near Wake Characteristics of a Tidal Stream Turbine under Tunable Turbulent Inflows

MS Theses

Anticipated Summer 2021

Jewel Haik - 

Mohammad Teymouri - 

Spring 2021

Faisal J Alzahrani - Investigation of the Factors Affecting Crystallization Kinetics of PLA in Injection Molding

Haomin Fu - Mechanics of Fracture for Subsurface Flaws in Solid Railroad Wheels

Abdul Moiz Gul – Exploring the Energetics of Cell Movement via Finite Element Analysis

Isabel Steinthal – Experimental Apparatus for the Study of Oscillating Hydrofoil Energy Generation

Yiheng Zhu - Modeling Evaporation of Water Thin Film on Nanostructured MoS2 using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Fall 2020

Connor Baldwin - Unsteady Ground Effect of Undulatory Swimmers

Bradley Calaman - Assessing Friction of a Crane Boom at the Laboratory Scale

Summer 2020

Tzung-Shin Guo - Investigation of Powder Bed Laser Fusion of Tungsten Heavy Alloys

Minghui Liu - Finite Element Analysis Of A High-Speed Suspension Boat Sponsons

Spring 2020

Elijah Cartier - Analysis and Performance Characterization of Phosphate Conversion Coatings Applied to Mild Steel at High Temperatures

Matthew Cimera - Assessment of Balance Using a Smartphone Application to Prevent Falls

Fang Cui - Thermochemical Energy Storage Using Cobalt Oxide: System Reversibility, Cyclic Stability and Influence Factors on Particle Size Distribution and Morphology

Hao Lan - Infiltration of a Chloride Salt Blend PCM into Graphite Foam for High-Temperature Latent Heat Thermal Energy Systems

Yutian Wang - A Study of Vital Critical Configurations of Planar Robotic Arms in a Workspace with Point Obstacles

Jingyang Xing - A Science Based Approach For The Development Of Complex Extrusion Dies And Pvc Based Wood Plastic Composites For Extrusion

Lida Yan - Determination of Optimal Operating Conditions of a Spouted Bed Reactor for Desorption of Mercury from Different Coal Ranks