The MEM department has a small wind tunnel with a 2 ft. x 2 ft. test section.  It is used for several elective courses as well as for independent study projects.  

  • The freshman introductory engineering course (ENGR 005) has an option where students design and test airfoils.  They use a force balance to measure the lift and drag on their foam designs. 
  • Another course that utilizes the wind tunnel is an upperclassman elective, Advanced Strength of Materials (MECH 305). 
  • Upperclassmen may also select to complete an independent study project, where they work more closely with an advisor on a project of their choosing. 
  • The aerospace club is a student run organization that also takes advantage of this facility. 

The instrumentation in the wind tunnel is continuously being upgraded to provide a better understanding of the testing and its results.

Rooms: Packard 372

Faculty Contact: Terry J. Hart (teh305@lehigh.edu)

Associated Courses: ME 305, MECH 326, MECH 328

Wind Tunnel Laboratory
Wind Tunnel Laboratory