This is Lehigh Engineering.

Lehigh's engineering program has a long track record of ingenuity and success reaching all corners of the world.

That all began with Lehigh's founding in 1865, when our multidisciplinary approach to education and research first started. Our engineers have embraced our entrepreneurial culture for well over 150 years, establishing a heritage of leadership and collaboration that still thrives today.

Here at Lehigh, we believe that engineering is driven by humanity, and our engineering students are encouraged to think holistically about societal challenges. It's a matter of perspective: Lehigh engineers work with their peers to understand issues from a wide viewpoint rather than one niche discipline. And they learn to think flexibly in an evolving marketplace of ideas.

Today, we are among the most research-intensive engineering programs in the United States. We are committed to Lehigh's strategic vision and place particular emphasis on four of the world's grandest challenges:

  • The expanding needs of health in the United States
  • The interrelated issues of energy, the environment and our infrastructure
  • The impact of globalization
  • Post-industrial urban communities

At Lehigh today, engineering students are leaders on campus—in theater and music groups, in athletics and student government, and in fraternities and sororities. They are prepared to succeed generations of Lehigh engineers who have earned renown for their contributions not just to engineering, but also to business, law, medicine and education.