P.C. Rossin College of
Engineering and Applied Science

A new model for engineering education

Experiential learning helps students apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world, discover their passions through hands-on projects, and make an impact on the world around us. It is a student-centered approach that builds on Lehigh's proud tradition of engineering, with learning environments and approaches design for, and fueled by, the concept of creative inquiry.


Inter­disciplinary Research Institutes

Graduate Student

PhD candidate wins support from professional society

Society for Experimental Mechanics scholarship is a "premier distinction" for structural engineering researcher Soheil Sadeghi Eshkevari

Xiu Jia

Designing composite materials for wear performance

PhD candidate Xiu Jia wins prize in student poster competition at international mechanical engineering exhibition

Professor Arup SenGupta and Mike German ’17 Ph.D.

A cool, clean legacy

Lehigh water filtration tech builds momentum through socially conscious entrepreneurship

Strandwitz Group researcher earns PhD

Materials Science & Engineering's Ling Ju is first doctoral grad to come from the group

The Latest at the Rossin College

Yahong Rosa Zheng

Undersea drones face communication challenges

Tue, Apr 23, 2019

ECE professor Yahong Rosa Zheng cited in Los Angeles Times story on Navy's plans to fund development of robotic submarines

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Patrice Banks '02

Meet Girls Auto Clinic founder Patrice Banks '02 at May 9 event

Tue, Apr 23, 2019

MSE alum’s story is subject of upcoming FOX sitcom pilot, ‘Patty’s Auto’

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2019 Lehigh Expo

Lehigh Expo shines spotlight on student work

Wed, Apr 17, 2019

University-wide event featured 150 projects involving more than 280 student presenters

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IBE captsone team

A smart approach to ‘aging in place’

Wed, Apr 17, 2019

IBE students work with health network to expand use of remote patient monitoring systems that help manage chronic issues and avoid medical crises

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Manoj Chaudhury

Professor Manoj Chaudhury comments on unraveling the role of Silicone in brake-light switches of Subaru vehicles

Tue, Apr 16, 2019

Professor Manoj Chaudhury, the Franklin Howes Jr.  Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering was recently interviewed by C&E News about the... Read more

Beth Galetti

Beth Galetti '93: 'The woman behind Amazon's explosive growth'

Mon, Apr 15, 2019

HR chief, an EE alum, holds "one of tech's biggest jobs," says Fast Company

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