Complex global challenges like population health, sustainable energy, climate change, and the impact of online misinformation require interdisciplinary team science—the gathering of intellectually diverse experts from a wide variety of fields to address such pivotal issues from all angles.

Lehigh is hardwired for endeavors of this nature: Applied, boundary-dissolving research and education is the very foundation of our institution. Examples abound across our educational programs, the achievements of our alumni, and the research agendas of our renowned faculty.

Lehigh's Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

Lehigh's Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) enable the university to solidify and develop its strengths in key areas that resonate with our academic community and create significant impact upon the world around us. Lehigh's IRIs serve as communities of scholars that catalyze crucial research in areas in which Lehigh can take a leading position on the national and international stage—and make lasting societal contributions.

Across academia, industry, and government, scientists and engineers are joining together to develop multifaceted solutions that attack problems from every angle. Interdisciplinary team science is our best hope for solving today's most vexing challenges, and Lehigh's IRIs are poised to help lead the way.

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The NSF CAREER Award is the national standard: Clear validation that a newer science/engineering faculty member is growing into an academic powerhouse, exemplifying the role of teacher-scholar through outstanding research and an innovative approach to educating students. Nearly 30% of current Lehigh engineering faculty members have claimed this prestigious award since its inception. The achievements of this group tell a powerful, interdisciplinary story about the significance and creativity of the Rossin College faculty.

Rossin College faculty holders of the NSF CAREER Award include: