College Address

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Science
19 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, PA 18015


Stephen DeWeerth
Professor and Dean

John Coulter
Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Research

Sabrina Jedlicka Sabrina Jedlicka
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Susan Perry Susan Perry
Professor of Practice and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs



Robin Armbrsuter Robin Armbruster
Administrative Specialist for Undergraduate Studies
Phone: (610) 758-4025
Margie Barry Margie Barry
Business Manager
Megan Casey Megan Casey
Director of Development
Phone: (610) 758-5747
Christine Fennessy Christine Fennessy
Multimedia Content Creator
Phone: (610) 758-4981
Jennifer Helmuth Jennifer Helmuth
Professional Advisor
Phone: (610) 758-4460
Katie Kackenmeister Katie Kackenmeister
Assistant Director of Communications
Phone: (610) 758-3632
Katrina Kraft Katrina Kraft
Financial Manager
Phone: (610) 758-4804
Stacey Lange Stacey Lange
Director of Administration
Phone: (610) 758-4028
Liz Lanzone Liz Lanzone
Senior Data and Financial Analyst
Phone: (610) 758-6852
Chris Larkin Chris Larkin
Director, Marketing and Communications
Phone: (610) 758-4367
Brianne Lisk Brianne Lisk
Manager, Graduate Programs
Phone: (610) 758-6310
Nicole  Carl Nicole Panebianco
Business Manager
Blake Plimpton Blake Plimpton
Graduate Recruiting Manager
Phone: (610) 758-5483
Marc Rosenberg Marc Rosenberg
Web Content Manager
Phone: (610) 758-4370
Dell Sargent Dell Sargent
Facilities Manager
Phone: (610) 758-5157
Michelle Sheehan Michelle Sheehan
Executive Secretary to the Dean
Phone: (610) 758-5308
Chayah Wilbers

Christina Stauffer
Business Manager

Chayah Wilbers Chayah Wilbers
Meeting & Special Events Manager
Phone: (610) 758-6311