College Address

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Science
19 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, PA 18015


Stephen DeWeerth
Professor and Dean
Phone: (610) 758-5308
John Coulter
Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Research
Phone: (610) 758-5308
Gregory Tonkay
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Phone: (610) 758-4025
Svetlana Tatic-Lucic
Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Phone: (610) 758-4533



Robin Armbrsuter Robin Armbruster
Administrative Specialist for Undergraduate Studies
Phone: (610) 758-4025
Megan Casey Megan Casey
Director of Development
Phone: (610) 758-5747
Christine Fennessy Christine Fennessy
Staff Writer
Phone: (610) 758-4981
Jennifer Helmuth Jennifer Helmuth
Professional Advisor
Phone: (610) 758-4460
Katie Kackenmeister Katie Kackenmeister
Assistant Director of Communications
Phone: (610) 758-3632
Katrina Kraft Katrina Kraft
Financial Administrator
Stacey Lange Stacey Lange
Director of Administration
Phone: (610) 758-4028
Liz Lanzone Liz Lanzone
Senior Data and Financial Analyst
Phone: (610) 758-6852
Chris Larkin Chris Larkin
Director, Marketing and Communications
Phone: (610) 758-4367
Brianne Lisk Brianne Lisk
Manager, Graduate Programs
Phone: (610) 758-6310
Kathleen Marano Kathleen Marano
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: (610) 758-2842
Marc Rosenberg Marc Rosenberg
Web Content Manager
Phone: (610) 758-4370
Dell Sargent Dell Sargent
Facilities Manager
Phone: (610) 758-5157
Michelle Sheehan Michelle Sheehan
Executive Secretary to the Dean
Phone: (610) 758-5308
Chayah Wilbers Chayah Wilbers
Meeting & Special Events Manager
Phone: (610) 758-6311