Robson Adem

Student: Robson Adem

Project: Oscillometric Measurement of Arterial Pulse Pressure to Identify Cardiac Function Index for Monitoring Patients under Blood Pump Support

Institution: Lafayette College

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Advisor: Yih-Choung Yu


A computer model has been developed to evaluate the accuracy of an oscillometric method to measure the arterial pulse pressure from a patient with a rotary ventricular assist device (VAD). This computer model consists of three major components: the cardiovascular system, the HeartMate II VAD, and the operation of an automated cuff. The simulation was performed to mimic failure, recovery, and normal cardiac functions of a patient, supported by the HeartMate II VAD at different levels from minimum to maximum. The oscillating cuff pressure, simulating the air pressure of a deflecting cuff, was obtained from simulation under different conditions to test the accuracy of an oscillometric algorithm in determining the arterial pulse pressure. The algorithm was able to detect the systolic and diastolic arterial pressure with an error of less than 3% in most cases. The results from this study suggested that the oscillometric algorithm is capable to accurately detect the arterial pulse pressure for a rotary VAD patient if the algorithm is properly tuned. Furthermore, this study identifies a consistent cardiac function index of 20log to monitor patients while they are under blood pump support.

About Robson Adem:

Robson is a senior Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) student with an interest in signal processing, robotics and controls and their applications in Biomedical Engineering. He began research during the summer of 2017 at the Advanced Robotics and Controls Laboratory in University of California San Diego. His research project was focused on developing a compliant soft robotic assistive glove to provide muscle support for people who have limited hand functions due to muscular dystrophy. Following that, Robson has been actively involved in presenting his research in multiple conferences including the Northeastern Bioengineering Conference held at Drexel University in 2018. In addition, he has been working with Dr. Yih-Choung Yu’s Biomedical Engineering laboratory at Lafayette College since June 2018. His research focuses on identifying cardiac function index for monitoring patients under rotary Ventricular Assistive Device (rVAD). Robson, together with Dr. Yu, is currently drafting a full paper to be submitted to the International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC). Furthermore, he hopes to continue his research in the field of Electrical Engineering and its application in medicine beyond his Bachelor’s by pursuing a Ph.D. starting Fall 2019. Outside of the lab, he is the Vice-President of Lafayette Activities Forum at Lafayette College and the coordinator for Minorities in Computing which is a network that strives to provide technical support and career development opportunities to minorities studying ECE and Computer Science. Robson also in his free time creates digital content including podcasts.  

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