Jasper Chumba, Dawon Jeong, Evelyn Sun

Student: Jasper Chumba, Dawon Jeong and Tianheng Sun

Project: Protecting Power System Operations Against Cyber Attacks in the Presence of Renewables | View Poster (PDF)

Institution: Lehigh University

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering

Advisor: Shalinee Kishore


Power grid system consists of large networked systems of generation, distribution, and consumption of power. Due to its extended and networked topography, the grid is mostly controlled autonomously. Sensors distributed at strategic points in the network feedback information that helps grid operators and automatic generation controls to adjust accordingly. Frequency and Power deviations are the main feedback parameters that are used to adjust generation and stabilize the grid. Volatile or inconsistent power, as in the case of renewable energy, poses a serious challenge to maintaining stability in the grid. An attacker can for instance gain read and write access to some of the power sensors and inject false data that will trigger unwanted correction measures in the system. In our research we are looking to develop a test scheme, using machine learning, to detect power attacks disguised as renewable energy.

About Jasper Chumba

Jasper Chumba is an international student from Kenya. He is currently a senior at Lehigh university majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship. He is interested in both signal and power systems. Jasper is a member of IEEE, NSBE, and Club soccer. He has also been involved with leadership including being in the student senate for a year, and being a vice-president for residential house association(RHA). Jasper has been involved in research since summer after my junior year with Professor Shalinee Kishore and two other undergraduate students on cyber-physical security of grid systems. Through this research, he has learned a lot about grid systems and automatic controls and plans on pursuing a Masters in signal systems/communications after graduating and continuing with research at that level.

About Dawon Jeong

Dawon Aileen Jeong is a senior from Dublin, CA majoring in Computer Engineering at Lehigh University. She has been a member of Alpha Omega Epsilon, an Engineering and Technical Sciences Sorority since 2016 and has been active as the PR/Historian/Inter-chapter Chair for a semester. She is also a member of the Lehigh University Varsity Women’s Golf Team, holding captain for the Fall 2017 season and the Patriot League Rookie of the Year title in 2016. Dawon has been passionate about the environment, mainly power and water conservation, and has thus led her to do research with Dr. Shalinee Kishore on renewable generation and its impact on cyber-physical security of grid systems since May 2018.  

About Tianheng Sun

Tianheng (Evelyn) Sun is a senior student majoring in electrical engineering at Lehigh University. She is a member of IEEE, and also the honor society HKN of IEEE at Lehigh. Due to her interests in signals and systems, she has been working on the research related to cyber-physical security of grid systems of renewable generations with Professor Shalinee Kishore since her Junior year summer. In this research, She not only grew her interests in the system control but also has been able to practice her teamwork skills. This research also brings her great interdisciplinary experience by combining different fields in engineering together, including frequency control, system design in current progress. She is also eager to learn about machine learning in the next steps.

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