Lehigh undergrads: Register now for Apr. 11 information session to learn how the Rossin College can save you time and money on advanced studies in engineering

Interested in speeding up your academic pace and saving some money on a master’s degree in the process?

Through the Rossin College’s Bachelor's to Master's Accelerated Program, eligible Lehigh undergraduates can leverage selected credits taken during undergrad toward a master’s degree and take graduate courses that are included in undergraduate tuition, which can add up to significant savings. The program also makes it possible to complete a master’s degree in one additional year of study at Lehigh.

BS-to-MS tracks (also referred to as “4+1” programs) can be a good fit for many STEM-minded students, says Mark Snyder, the Rossin College’s associate dean for graduate education and a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering.

“Maybe you already know that your chosen career requires a master’s degree, or perhaps you’ve identified areas beyond your current engineering or other STEM major that you’d like to explore,” Snyder says. “Setting yourself on course toward an advanced degree while you are still an undergrad allows you to achieve that goal in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.”

If the fast track program does not work for you due to existing credit hours, not to worry! This information session will also cover Lehigh's Alumni Master's Scholarships, which can offset up to 12 credits of the coursework required for the Master's program.

~Information Session~
The fast track to a master’s degree: Lehigh's accelerated master's program and alumni scholarships

Thursday, April 11, 7:30-8:30 pm Eastern
Hosted by Associate Dean Mark Snyder