Lehigh's engineering students are active in a wide range of activities, from professional associations to the arts. 


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The purpose of this club is to promote increased knowledge of and greater interest in Computer Science among Lehigh students. It is open to all Lehigh students. We act as an open forum type of organization, where students can reach out to each other for help, guidance, or any questions. We also host many computer science related activities on campus, such as hackathons, coding hours, workshops, guest speakers from different companies and organizations and in general help the Lehigh Computer Science Community within our capacity.


Faculty Advisor:  Professor Hank Korth

Instagram: @lehighacm


CompSci in Bethlehem

CompSci In Bethlehem is a community-service driven organization that aims to introduce kids in the Bethlehem area to the world of coding; this is via hands-on workshops with kids to introduce them to basic coding. These interactive coding sessions may include programming robots, designing websites, or even developing video games. Along with community involvement, we seek to provide a network for computer science students at Lehigh where we will hold weekly study sessions and work on our own programming projects.


Faculty Advisor: Professor Kallie (Ziltz) Pearl


Computer Science and Business Association (CSBA)

The club is run by students majoring in Computer Science and Business. As an organization, we promote the cohorts wants and needs to the Computer Science and Engineering department, the College of Business and the University. CSBA has three main goals: building technical skills, assisting in the internship/job application process and encouraging a fun social atmosphere. We host events that are CSB-specific, and others that are open to all students regardless of major.


Faculty Advisor: Andrea Goff

Instagram: @lehighcsb


Hungry Hawks

The purpose of the Hungry Hawks application is to advertise leftover Lehigh catered food from events and meetings at Lehigh to help reduce food insecurity and food waste on campus. Hungry Hawks will allow faculty, staff, and students to post leftover Lehigh catered food from an event or meeting either through the mobile app or web interface. In addition, students who are looking for free leftover food can view active events on either the mobile application or web interface. Our tool is available on the App Store, Play Store or our website.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephen Lee-Urban, Audrey McSain


Lehigh Aerial Swarms Club (LASC)

The Lehigh Aerial Swarms Club is unwavering in its commitment to advance the field of aerial robotics through innovation and education. It serves as a vibrant hub for Lehigh University students who share a deep passion for engineering aerial robots. The primary mission is to foster a dynamic and collaborative environment that empowers students to fully immerse themselves in, comprehend and actively contribute to the rapidly evolving realm of aerial swarms. The club welcomes individuals from diverse academic backgrounds, fostering an educational atmosphere that seamlessly blends theoretical learning with hands-on experience.

Email: saldana@lehigh.edu

Faculty Advisor: Professor David Saldana

Youtube: @LehighBlimpsClub


Lehigh Quantum Computing Club

Lehigh Quantum Computing Club is building a community of future quantum computing enthusiasts at Lehigh by providing both on-campus educational lectures and resources to learn more about the field together with other students at all levels. We host hackathons with the support of the IBM Qiskit fest as an opportunity for students to gain real-life experience while working on projects related to Quantum Computing. We are also working on providing insight into the progress in the field by hosting a speaker series throughout the academic year.

Email: kas226@lehigh.edu

Faculty Advisor: Professor Arielle Carr

Instagram: @lehigh-quantum


Lehigh University Robotics Club

The purpose of the Robotics Club is to get passionate students the resources and help to pursue and work on robotics-related projects. Individuals as well as groups can collaborate during and in between group meetings and gather input from others to better solve problems. We collaborate on a large group project or competition as a club each year (ie. Defend the Republic drone competition).  The club also offers knowledge and experience in a variety of programming languages and other fields.  Some examples include: Python, Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SolidWorks, Electronics, etc.  All students, regardless of experience, are welcome!

Email: inlurc@lehigh.edu

Faculty Advisor: Professor Corey Montella


Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

The Lehigh University chapter of the national organization Women in Computer Science is a club established to encourage and support female involvement in computing related majors. As an organization, we hope to foster a sense of community, friendship, and strength among women and allies in tech. Our programs are designed to provide resources and opportunities for members to find their passions and gain the essential skills to be successful and positively influence the future of technology. We believe that bringing women together for social events and technical workshops will make them more confident and comfortable in and out of the classroom and will guide them through their Lehigh experience and the rest of their careers.

Email: wics@cse.lehigh.edu

Faculty Advisor: Professor Arielle Carr




  • Phi Eta Sigma. Open to freshman with GPA of 3.5 or above.

  • Eta Kappa Nu. Open to juniors and seniors in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

  • Tau Beta Pi. Open to juniors and seniors in all branches of engineering.

  • Phi Beta Kappa. A liberal arts honor society. Open to Engineering seniors with the proper mix of general study courses.

  • UPE (Upsilon Pi Epsilon) International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines.